Restaurants, hospitals top SC unemployment claims

VIDEO: Top industries in unemployment

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - The state of South Carolina has received 453,636 initial unemployment claims over the last seven weeks.

While initial unemployment claims in South Carolina decreased for the third week in a row, there were still 46,747 people who filed initial claims this past week.

We asked the Department of Employment and Workforce what kinds of industries unemployed workers are coming from.

For the weeks ending April 11, April 18, and May 2, the top industries from which people were applying for unemployment were:

1) Full service restaurants

2) Temporary help services

3) General medical and surgical hospitals.

The week of April 25th looked a little different:

1) Automobile manufacturing

2) Full-service restaurants

3) General medical and surgical hospitals.

Other kinds of jobs leaving people unemployed include hotels, tire manufacturing, and schools.

"We know South Carolina is full of individuals that want to work, are dedicated to working," said DEW Chief of Staff Jamie Suber in a video the agency released today.

“Although we understand unemployment is a bridge to reemployment - we want those to receive the benefits due to them. However we want to work very closely with those employers and those job seekers that are looking to fulfill their reemployment goals,” Suber said.

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