Lowcountry Strong: Woman feeding hundreds with homegrown crops

Updated: May. 8, 2020 at 6:39 AM EDT
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SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCSC) - A young entrepreneur who started her own non-profit 12 years ago is giving away free meals every week to help those struggling during the pandemic.

Katie Stagliano started Katie’s Krops by growing crops and sending seeds around the country to feed those in need.

Katie’s Krops is now hosting free meal distributions every Thursday in Summerville. Before the pandemic, she hosted free monthly dinners, but said she decided to expand the monthly dinners when she heard how many people were in need.

“There’s so many individuals who are in need, we’ve had to ramp up our efforts, kind of ten-fold compared to what we were doing in the past because the need has grown so much,” Stagliano said. “And I’m not sure when everything will go back to normal, but we plan to continue our efforts.”

These meals are made from vegetables that Katie's Krops grows in the garden.

The other food in the meal boxes is either food that she has purchased or that was donated by people in the community.

Katie’s Krops is now hosting free meal distributions every Thursday in Summerville.
Katie’s Krops is now hosting free meal distributions every Thursday in Summerville.(Katie Stagliano)

Katie, along with her friends and family, prepare the meals at Summerville Baptist Church and put them in to-go containers. Her brother, John Michael Stagliano, one of South Carolina’s Top Youth Volunteers in the 2020 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards, is a key helper in helping with the crops.

The food is already cooked and ready to eat once they are given away to people drive-thru style.

Katie’s Krops served 429 meals to folks in the community Thursday night and she says they delivered 60 more to people who were unable to come out.

Katie now has 100 Katie's Krops gardens across the entire country through her program.

She's passionate about sending seeds around the country and inspiring young people to learn how to grow vegetable gardens and use the harvest to help people in need.

She wants everyone in the area to know she is continuing to work to serve them healthy meals during a time of uncertainty.

"If somebody knows of an individual in need, they can always reach out to us at Katie's Krops. Whether that's connecting with us through social media, or sending an email through our website, and we can do everything we can to provide vegetables or anything they need during this time," Stagliano said.

Katie’s Krops will be serving again next Thursday at the Summerville YMCA and then will be back at Summerville Baptist beginning on May 21.

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