Mount Pleasant wants public comments on revised road project plan

VIDEO: Mount Pleasant wants public comments on revised road project plan

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCSC) - Mount Pleasant Town Council plans to move forward on a roadway project plan designed to alleviate traffic, but with a big difference from the original plan.

The new road would connect Highway 17 and Rifle Range Road, an idea originally proposed by the town’s transportation committee years ago.

The original proposal would have moved a portion of Long Point Road on the other side of 17 to align with the new street, which is the part neighbors took issue with. They were concerned that this realignment would bring a significant amount of traffic to their neighborhoods near Long Point Road.

So the Transportation Committee removed that part of the project.

The Transportation Committee hopes the roadway between Highway 17 and Rifle Range Road will relieve traffic and offer an alternate route for both drivers and pedestrians. They say this is a part of town that can be very congested.

"The users of Long Point road are essentially all of the subdivisions that have been developed there back past 30-40 years as well as the North Area as the town has grown,” Mount Pleasant Transportation Director Brad Morrison said. “You know when we started developing a Long Range Transportation Plan we have to consider all of the traffic patterns. And this project is critical for that.”

But town officials also say the changes they’ve made to the proposal will really have a limited impact on the project as a whole.

“It’s still an attractive route no matter what,” Morrison said. “People in the north area are still going to use it. And that’s what our modeling has shown. The connection does not necessarily increase traffic more than just growth in Mount Pleasant will.”

The Army Corps of Engineers is accepting public comment on the project. All comments must be submitted in writing, identifying the project of interest by public notice number, P/N SAC-2019-01568.

Those comments should be sent to:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

ATTN: Regulatory Division,

69A Hagood Avenue,

Charleston, SC 29403-5107

Town officials say they expect to complete permitting by September, and construction could start in January 2021.

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