Parent Survival Guide: Lowcountry Nurse writes book to teach kids how to fight COVID-19

Updated: May. 12, 2020 at 2:48 PM EDT
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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Pediatric nurse practitioner Joan Tufts has a passion for kids and has spent the last 27 years helping nurture people in health care.

It wasn’t until recently during the coronavirus outbreak that Tufts decided to turn her attention to helping kids in another way.

She’s teaching children how to fight the virus in a way they could understand by writing a children’s book.

“I started thinking about kids and how they are a vector for illness. It was really for them to know how to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” Tufts said.

The book which Tuft’s is in the process of getting published calls all superheroes to fight against the virus. It takes kids through eleven things they have to pass in order to earn their cape.

“There’s all these steps including for kids that if we all walk together we can beat this,” Tufts said.

Those include washing your hands, social distancing, wearing a mask when out, and staying home if your sick.

She says all of these concepts can help stop the spread of many diseases."This was the perfect vehicle to teach them these lessons because if we don’t do this it won’t work," Tufts said.

Tufts 17 year old daughter drew several pictures in the book. Other drawings were sent in from kids of front line workers from all over the country.

“I really truly feel she is going to make a difference with this book she’s reaching out to children. No one is really reaching out and talking to children in a way that they can understand it,” Tufts said.

There’s also a silver lining.

“There’s a rainbow at the end of the book I put in because there is an end to this. I am calling all superheroes follow the steps and we can defeat this,” Tufts said.

Tufts continues to update drawings from kids of frontline heroes in her book.

She’s also asking any kids in the community to email her drawings at

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