Police investigate social media postings claiming puppy ‘thrown out like garbage’

Police investigate social media postings claiming puppy ‘thrown out like garbage’
Charleston Police are investigating after social media posts claim an 8-week-old puppy was found in the trash as if it had been thrown away. (Source: Eunoia Rescue)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Charleston Police are investigating postings about an 8-week-old puppy reportedly found in the trash.

Animal Services Officers were contacted by a downtown dog owner who had seen a posting about their missing American Staffordshire Terrier online, Charleston Police spokesman Charles Francis said.

"The postings indicated the 8-week old puppy was found 'in the trash and was thrown out like garbage' on Monday," Francis said.

Investigators say the dog was found wandering in front of the owner's home at approximately 7:30 a.m. Sunday. The dog was eating from trash that was on the ground, Francis said.

"A concerned citizen looked for the owner but did not find them," Francis said. "They contacted an area rescue who turned the puppy over to a local resident to foster the dog for safe keeping."

When Animal Services officers met with the puppy's owner, they say she said the puppy had wandered off but it was not intentionally harmed or abandoned. She also provided records showing she had taken the dog to the veterinarian the day before the incident.

Police say Animal Services officers are working to return the animal and will continue to conduct follow-up visits to ensure the puppy is taken care of and is confined to a safe area.

"The Charleston Police Department reminds animal owners that care is always to be taken to ensure their pet is not harmed by wandering off when not supervised," Francis said.

Police say in this case, further harm was avoided because of the intervention of a concerned neighbor.

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