Intersection in Berkeley County opening Wednesday, expected to alleviate traffic

VIDEO: Nexton Parkway extension to U.S. 176 set to open Wednesday

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - A major intersection improvement project is wrapping up in Berkeley County.

The road at U.S. 176 at Nexton Parkway is set to open up to traffic on Wednesday.

Berkeley County’s Chief Infrastructure Officer Danny Thrower said the goal is to open up the road later in the afternoon for people to use.

This is the intersection where Nexton Parkway meets U.S. 176, which is just down from Cane Bay Boulevard near Sheep Island Road.

These intersection improvements were funded by the county’s one-cent sales tax program. This project included extending Nexton Parkway to meet U.S. 176 as well as improvements, turn lanes and a multi-use path on 176.

“We had a lot of input from the residents in the community and talking about the project itself,” Thrower said. “We're just trying to utilize the One-Cent Sales Tax money and the use of that road, I think, will be a huge impact.”

An integral part of this intersection improvement project was to connect two major subdivisions in the area – Cane Bay and Nexton.

Officials are hoping this project will help alleviate some traffic in the area. Thrower explained they knew there would need to be major improvements to the road years ago to support the traffic when the planning started for the surrounding neighborhoods.

“The amount of development that’s going on, and the improvements to our infrastructure, not only for this project and future projects at U.S. 176 would be a huge help with the traffic flow,” Thrower said.

The traffic light and signals at the intersection will be activated when Cane Bay Spine Road C is finished, which is supposed to be later this year.

The project was initially expected to cost $3.3 million but it is now expected to be under budget.

STANTEC designed the project, Landmark is the company that did the construction and Infrastructure, Consulting and Engineering managed and inspected the project.

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