Co-worker remembers man killed in carjacking on I-26 rest stop

VIDEO: Co-worker remembers man killed in carjacking

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - A man who was killed in a carjacking at an I-26 rest stop last week is being remembered as a friend and father figure by one of his co-workers.

State Law Enforcement Division agents say 65-year old Roy Ogden was shot dead last Friday morning at the I-26 rest stop in North Charleston.

SLED says the two suspects were involved in a shootout with officers before stealing Ogden’s car.

The suspects, Shikeem Wigfall and Kayla Rivera were arrested after a chase that ended after they crashed their car into a retaining pond at an apartment complex.

SLED says Wigfall and Rivera exchanged more gunfire with officers at the apartment complex.

On Thursday, Jayden Follett praises Ogden whom he worked with in a repair shop at a car dealership.

“He was a genuinely good guy,” Follett said. “He was one of the people you could go to no matter what you needed. He would give you the shirt off your back if he were able to.”

Follett says Ogden was usually the first person to arrive for work and employees became very concerned when he didn’t show up last Friday.

“As the hours went by we started to worry ‘Where’s Roy?’” Follett said.

That afternoon they got the awful news that Ogden had been killed.

“It just kind of slowly spread through the shop. Everybody just kind of froze, almost the entire shop stopped and it was just nobody knew what to do, “ Follett said. “Everybody was just kind of ‘Oh my gosh, how can this happen?’”

Almost a week after Ogden’s murder, Follett still can’t believe what happened.

“He was killed over a car,” Follett said. “The fact is that he was killed over a car and we don’t get to have him at work anymore.”

Follett says a memorial dinner in Ogden’s honor will be held Friday at the repair shop.

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