Isle of Palms parking lots full, traffic heavy during Memorial Day Weekend

VIDEO: Memorial Day Weekend beach, traffic control

ISLE OF PALMS, S.C. (WCSC) - Memorial day weekend brought thousands of people to the shorelines Saturday.

According to Isle of Palms Police Chief Cornett, all of the parking lots were full just after 11:00 a.m on Saturday during Memorial Day Weekend.

On the beach, Cornett says police are responding to the usual calls for alcohol and crowding, even asking dozens of people not to swim in breach inlet, which has been prohibited.

“We do have some issues with social distancing. I’ve already heard some calls going out in reference to some alcohol on the beach," Robert Forsythe with Isle of Palms Police said, "But, we’re trying to handle these things before they get too far out of control.”

Cornett said that traffic has been building up on Palm Boulevard and other places across the island.

While police were expecting this weekend to be busy, they say enforcing the 6-foot recommendation for social distancing has added a new challenge to their patrols.

“So, the hard part for us is when we see a group, do we just stop everybody and say who’s in a family?," Cornett said. "How do we delineate who they say they are? How do we know that they are or they are not?”

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