Charleston Co. Board of Elections hears residency challenge for two SC House District 109 candidates

VIDEO: Residency of candidates challenged

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Two Democratic candidates running for state representative in District 109 found themselves at the Charleston County Board of Elections Headquarters, having to prove their residency.

On Friday, the Charleston County Board of Elections & Voter Registration held hearings for Attorney Deon Tedder and local activist Elder James Johnson.

She claimed both men didn't live within the district and changed their primary residence right before filing for office.

The board ruled in favor of Johnson, determining that he does live within the district.

"I think I proved myself because i have my home in district 109," Johnson said. "I've had the property for over 11 years so they couldn't dispute that at all. I'm in the race and I'm going to run my race."

As for Tedder, the board determined that he does not live where he says he lives. Joseph Debney, the executive director of the Charleston County board of Elections & Voter Registration, says that was the only thing the board could determine.

"Our office does not have the authority to certify or decertify a candidate, that is left up to the Democratic or Republican parties," Debney said. "What we did this morning was simply hear a voter registration challenge against Mr. Tedder and Mr. Johnson."

Tedder plans to appeal the decision, but is still in the race.

In a statement to Live 5 News, Tedder said," At today's Board of Registrations hearing, the challenger purposely misled and submitted false information to the board regarding my home address. Fortunately, this issue will ultimately be decided by a court of law. I remain a qualified candidate for House District 109 and my name will continue to be on the ballot. I ask for the support of the people of District 109 and look forward to victory on June 9th.”"

Currently, Rep. David Mack holds the seat for District 109, which covers parts of Charleston and Dorchester Counties. The election will take place on June 9.

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