Protests continue in downtown Charleston

VIDEO: Protests continue in downtown Charleston

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Over the last few days we have seen the conversation around race and civil rights expand and more voices are being heard.

“I want everyone to understand, every creed and color out there that what’s going on is not hate. Black people, we do not hate white people. We hate oppression,” said Javone Talley, a protester in Marion Square on Wednesday.

For one protester, the demonstrations have given him a chance to expand the conversation beyond George Floyd.

“I didn’t say enough names today,” said protester Halo Quaponda. “But I am tired of saying names because people have names that ain’t in the stage act or the propaganda, like Keith Davis who took a bullet for his sister in a hotel in Summerville.”

He says Floyd has given everyone a reason to come together but questions why an incident in Minnesota had to be the spark when he says there is injustice here that can be addressed.

“We should be madder about situations that are happening to our women and our children,” Quaponda said. “Is this still a man’s game? It took a man to die?”

He believes many people simply do not see the issues right in front of them.

“At this point it’s not about civil rights, it’s about human rights,” Talley said.

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