Charleston Co. Sheriff’s Office seeks $1.4 million mobile command center

VIDEO: Charleston Co. Sheriff’s Office seeks $1.4 million mobile command center

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office is asking for roughly $1.4 million for a brand new centralized, mobile command center that could serve the entire county.

The agency will make the request at Thursday night’s Public Safety Committee meeting.

Sheriff’s spokesman Capt. Roger Antonio said it will be funded by multiple sources within the county and will replace their current mobile command center, which was purchased around 2004.

“It’s like a fully functioning mobile headquarters,” Antonio said.

Antonio says the unit is basically a giant RV that will have multiple dispatch stations on board, televisions, a camera, and updated technology like new computers and smart boards. Deputies on the mobile unit will also have access to view live footage from drones and helicopters while on board.

Antonio says this is used not just for emergencies, but for any larger scale situation, public gathering, or major scene. They say it’s also been used for natural disasters, medical emergencies, and to help federal agencies as well.

The new unit will be used by the Charleston County Sheriff's Office, EMS, and any other first responders in the county.

“This command center will be a Charleston County Government (public safety) asset," Charleston County Public Safety Deputy Administrator Eric Watson said.

There is not a set date yet for when the sheriff’s office could see this new command center, but they say that they want it as soon as possible because their current one has multiple parts that are no longer working.

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