Police make one arrest during Monday night Calhoun statue protests

VIDEO: One arrested Monday night during Calhoun statue protests

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Charleston Police say one person was arrested on two charges Monday night following protests over the removal of the John C. Calhoun statue in Marion Square.

Jack Cameron Divers, 22, was charged with disobeying a lawful order and resisting arrest, police spokesman Charles Francis said.

The arrest followed protests involving one group that wants the statue to remain in its longtime place above the square and another that wants the statue taken down.

Charleston Police officers stood between the two groups. There was some shouting back and forth but no violence.

After the protest ended, members of the group Black Lives Matter, who have called for the statue to be removed, marched up King Street with police following closely behind them.

After a commotion, officers were spotted handcuffing a man whose face was bloodied and placing him in a patrol car.

After the arrest, the march continued to the corner of Calhoun and King where the Black Lives Matter counter protesters shouted at cars.

Police are preparing for more protests Tuesday night after a city council vote is expected to authorize the statue’s removal.

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