MUSC offering personalized safety plans for businesses to help prevent spread of coronavirus

VIDEO: MUSC offering personalized safety plans for businesses to help prevent spread of coronavirus

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Medical professionals at the Medical University of South Carolina are using their expertise in minimizing the spread of infections to assist the community during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Back2Business program at MUSC is providing personalized safety plans for businesses, schools, government offices and more to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The Medical Director for the program, Dr. Lacey MenkinSmith says she’s concerned about the rise in cases.

"During lockdown we realized from a public health standpoint that not only did we need to worry about the physical health of our community, but also the economic impact during the pandemic," MenkinSmith said.

The newly formed program has already assisted dozens of businesses.

Through a survey and consultations the team provides a ‘playbook’ or protocols that businesses can follow to reduce risks. They incorporate safety guidelines from state health officials, the Center’s for Disease Control and Prevention, and the World Health Organization.

The team also does site-visits and virtual visits if interested. They provide guidance on physical layouts and assess work flows.

“One thing that’s huge is universal masking. There’s absolutely no reason for anybody to be in a workplace and not wearing a mask to limit spread,” MenkinSmith said.

Dockery's restaurant on Daniel Island is taking guidance from the Back2Business program.

The Executive Chef Andy McLeod says the program has validated some of the measures they were already taking, but also helped them find ways to improve their safety precautions even more.

“We are really proud the way that MUSC has come in and helped us set up a safe space, and we’re proud of the way we’ve set it up,” McLeod said. “It’s hard to understand sometimes and it’s hard to accept the new way that we do things, but we’re doing it for everybody’s safety.”

Dockery's has one-way entrances and exits along with signs and arrows on the ground to direct the flow of foot traffic.

To limit contact, only one person is allowed in the restroom at a time. Tables are spaced out in the dining area and there's limited capacity. The restaurant also requires all workers to wear a mask.

"Signage is something we've taken pretty seriously," McLeod said. "I think that helps raise the awareness for people when people get here to know it's something that we're taking seriously. It helps with flow, it's helping people know where to go."

You can fill out a Back2Business form here.

From there MUSC will provide you with pricing for the services you are interested in.

They also offer on-site or near-site coronavirus testing options for large employers.

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