Town of Mount Pleasant passes face mask ordinance

VIDEO: Multiple Lowcountry municipalities pass ordinances on face masks

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCSC) - The Town of Mount Pleasant has passed an ordinance requiring people to wear a face mask during certain circumstances including when inside grocery stores and pharmacies.

The Monday afternoon vote was 6 to 2, and will go into effect on July 1. People who fail to comply with the ordinance may be fined.

People will be required to wear a mask when entering a grocery store, pharmacy, town building or town indoor facility. Businesses include retail establishments that sell food, but may also sell other convenience and household goods.

People failing to comply may be fined $25.

Town officials say businesses will not have the responsibility of enforcing the ordinance, but will post signs at all entrances informing patrons for the requirement.

In addition, employees at restaurants, retail stores, salons, barber shops, grocery stores, pharmacies are required to masks. Individuals failing to comply may be fined $100.

Exemptions include people who are unable to safely wear a mask, children under the age of 12, people whose religious beliefs prevent them from wearing a covering, any person in a private or individual office, in settings where it is not feasible to wear a mask like someone swimming or engaging in athletic activities, emergency responders when engaged in an emergency matter.

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