Parent Survival Guide: Biking as a family fueled by pandemic

Updated: Jun. 29, 2020 at 5:11 PM EDT
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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - While certain modes of transportation have slowed down during the pandemic one favorite past time continues to boom.

Not only is biking becoming popular it’s quickly becoming a fun way to workout for families. It’s also keeping the mind and body healthy.

Dan Kelley who’s the manager at Trek Charleston says shops like his have moved through four months of bikes in about six weeks which he says is unheard of. He says if you have come across challenges finding bikes, they have too.

“We have bikes on back order starting to trickle in a few at a time,” Kelley said.

Nurse practitioner Kristen Jett says biking is actually one of the best activities outside that still allows you to safely social distance.

”It’s like the old days, there were not any computers and phones and everybody rode their bike and played outside, so I think it’s getting back to that that allows families to have more quality time,” Jett said.

Jett says there are plenty of health and other benefits to biking as well.

”There’s healthy heart benefits,” Jett said. “It gets your legs moving and gets your heart pumping. It’s been shown to decrease a lot of stress levels. It gets kids to know the neighborhood better.”

Kelley says when looking for a bike finding the right size for your child's height is one of the most important aspects.

“We’re trying to make sure they’re reaching for handle bars, their arms are locked out, and a slight bend, and that when their peddling is unstable having the seat higher to get them stable,” Kelley said.

Jett says biking safety should also always take priority.

Everyone in the family should wear a helmet and know the proper rules of the road like riding with the flow of traffic instead of against it.

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