Parent Survival Guide: Braving the pool and the beach during the pandemic

Updated: Jul. 7, 2020 at 11:03 AM EDT
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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - As we try to enjoy all that summer brings, for many that means taking a dip in the community pool or making a splash at area beaches.

For four-year-old Emma Grace that means enjoying swim lessons.

“We’re really excited the pools opened back up and we’re glad there aren’t a ton of people here,” Mom Allison Lotz said.

For Lotz going to the pool in the midst of the pandemic comes with plenty of safety measures.

“Just really trying to stress to her that there are yucky germs out there and trying to be safe so we can be healthy and try to keep everyone else healthy,” Lotz said.

Rebecca Roberts with the Newington pool says along with having guests bring their own chairs they’re also asking people to track their own symptoms.

She says the pool is advising people to stay home if they feel sick in any way. “Safety has always been our priority so they know it would not be any different in the year of a pandemic and I think everyone has responded well,” Roberts said.

Nurse Practitioner Kristen Jett with Sweetgrass Pediatrics says because of the chemicals in a pool like chlorine and bromine it makes swimming at a pool a safer alternative then going for a day at the beach.

“The beach is very windy and even though you’re keeping your distance the virus spreads though droplets so say a family 6 feet away has a child that coughs and the wind kicks up it can spread to a family farther away than 6 feet,” Jett said.

Back at the pool, Emma Grace is learning some new skills with her instructor and mom is pleased. “We feel safe we know there are precautions in place to keep everyone apart and safe,” Lotz said.

Jett says when either at the pool or the beach if you’re not in the water it’s good to wear a mask. A mask is especially important in congested areas like the parking lot and walkways.

Jett also says keep in mind not to swim up next to other people where they could cough or breath near you.

If it gets too crowded, Jett says also it’s important to leave that area for a less crowded one.

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