Officials narrowing down Lowcountry Rapid Transit station locations

VIDEO: Officials narrowing down Lowcountry Rapid Transit station locations

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Tri-County governments are joining together for the Lowcountry Rapid Transit bus system.

Officials say the buses will travel from Summerville to downtown Charleston in 60 minutes at any time of day.

The Tri-County Council of Governments are now narrowing down exactly how many stations there will be and where they will be, and they are looking for public input.

Officials say they want to build the stations where they will serve the most people, in order to maximize the buses’ ridership.

The route will run from Summerville, down US 78 and Rivers Avenue, down to the King Street Extension, and into Charleston by way of Meeting Street.

There will be a designated lane for at least half the trip. In the sections where there is not a designated lane, officials say they will be installing new transit signal priority technology, meaning the traffic lights will turn green when the bus pulls up.

Building the designated lane will not only make the trip significantly faster, but officials say it is also a criteria to receive federal funding.

The project is expected to cost $350 million. $250 million has been approved through the Charleston County tax referendum. And the additional $100 million will come from federal funding.

First, they have to show their final plan for transit stations.

Once built, the Lowcountry Rapid Transit will be the largest bus rapid transit in the nation.

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