Revitalization commission getting updates on three major drainage projects in West Ashley

VIDEO: Update on flooding improvement projects, West Ashley Revitalization Committee

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Years of construction in low-lying areas have led to some major flooding problems in Charleston.

The West Ashley Revitalization Committee will be getting an update Wednesday night on three major drainage projects underway.

The Dupont-Wappoo watershed encompasses 1,600 acres of land. The area surrounds the Citadel Mall, along Savannah Highway, Orleans Road and Sam Rittenberg Boulevard.

The City of Charleston and Charleston County have been collaborating to evaluate the drainage through the entire basin and have come up with about 10 different improvement projects. At the meeting, the revitalization committee will be getting an update on the first four priority projects – a majority of which directly surrounds the Citadel Mall.

Officials say they want to start at the bottom half the basin and then work their way up so they don’t cause new flooding problems.

The city and county are finalizing the agreement about how they will be splitting the cost of the projects where the county covers 25% and the city covers 75%.

The cost for all 10 projects anticipated for the Dupont-Wappoo watershed is expected to cost roughly $5 million.

Every big weather event, neighborhoods along Bees Ferry Road in West Ashley see some major flooding. One of the main reasons is because of issues with drainage in the Church Creek Basin.

A few weeks ago the city applied for a grant with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to help with some of the improvement projects in that area. They were recently notified they were awarded the grant. That makes it the second one that will help offset costs.

The first one will go toward flood damaged residential properties the city acquired to create improved flood storage facilities. The second will go toward building some larger-scale facilities like restored wetlands, installing floodplains and re-meandering some creeks.

“We are currently hiring that engineering company to start to work on these projects which is a big step,” Matt Fountain, Charleston’s Director of Stormwater Management, said. “The projects are actually going into effect now rather than just being talked about. We’ll be starting work on the project shortly.”

The first two phases of projects in the Church Creek Basin are expected to cost about $3 million.

The West Ashley Revitalization Committee will also be getting an update on the Windermere Drainage improvement Project.

The recommendation for these improvements include adding a new outfall for the community behind St. Andrews School of Math and Science. Officials are also looking at adding some drainage piping along the Greenway to help tie the neighborhood drainage system into a new pipe to basically get the water out.

“We’re also looking at environmental permitting because installing new outfall means marsh impacts,” Fountain said. “It means bringing more water into the marsh in a different location. We while we’re doing that environmental work we’re also going to try to do a permit to clean and improve the outfall that exists down by William Ackerman laying on the south side of the shopping center. So that’s also a major permitting process that might take a year or two to get through all the environmental permits.”

The total project budget for that neighborhood, including all the construction work, is right around $4 million.

The West Ashley Revitalization meeting will be held virtually at 5:30 p.m.

The public must provide comments by noon Wednesday in one of the following forms:

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