Charleston County School District to consider sex ed overhaul

VIDEO: Charleston County School District to consider sex ed overhaul

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - On Monday, the Charleston County School Board will consider the district’s reopening plans.

They will also approve or deny an update to the health and sexual education curriculum. CCSD’s Health Advisory Committee approved the curriculum unanimously.

The new information tackles traditional issues like health, fitness and sexual reproduction, but it also expands into more modern topics like sexual orientation, gender identity and in vitro fertilization.

“It’s definitely long overdue,” said Carol Tempel who is a retired educator who worked on the original health and sexual education standards back in 1988. “We know so much more about health, nutrition, our own attitude towards nutrition and exercise.”

She says the foundation of any good curriculum is scientific facts.

“It needs to be accurate. It needs to be sensitive to the questions and curiosity that children have,” Tempel said. “What you tell children at difference ages depends on where they are in their own development.”

Health class can be a topic of concern for some parents and that is why all the lesson plans can be found online.

Parents can view the teaching points, the homework and even the infamous videos shown in class.  Some of the homework is targeted at sparking a conversation between parents and children.

“This is an opportunity for the children to ask the parents questions and get their perspective on it,” Tempel said. “The teacher is going to have her perspective from her life experiences, but you, as a parent, you want to have those conversations too.”

Tempel says even if this is approved, parents will still be able to opt out of the classes.

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