‘I hope to live forever:’ Wilmington resident celebrates 105th birthday

‘I hope to live forever:’ Wilmington resident celebrates 105th birthday
George Alsberg Celebrates his Birthday (Source: WECT)

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - George Alsberg is celebrating his 105th birthday.

Having lived more than a century, he’s seen his fair share of history. Alsberg says he not only lived through the Spanish Flu pandemic, but he actually came down with it and contracted pneumonia.

“I hope to live forever,” laughed Alsberg.

When asked how it feels to have seen two pandemics, he answered “I’m not waiting for the third one.”

Alsberg has been to more than 100 countries, started his own travel business, worked on the Marshall Plan in Paris when he worked with the State Department and once met Dr. Martin Luther King.

He walks a mile a day and does his squats regularly to keep in shape. Having lived in France in many years, he developed a passion for cooking and still spends a lot of time in the kitchen.

“I have a lot of things I want to do. And did the things I want to do cause me to want to live, or because I want to live did I find the things I want to do? That’s something I cant tell you because it was one or the other. I love life... I love everything about it and I had a lot of fun in my life,” Alsberg mused.

He and his wife plan celebrate his birthday Monday afternoon with a swim and a late lunch in Southport.

“The driving force in my life has been to stay alive, not to die ever. I know its silly, its ridiculous but we are all ridiculous sometimes and so far I’ve been successful and that’s why I’ve talked about 122. No one has ever lived to be 122, i’m well aware of that, but maybe i’ll be the first,” said Alsberg.

Alsberg also wrote a song to commemorate this year’s birthday. You can watch him perform it below.

If you’d like to contact George Alsberg with birthday wishes, you can email them to him here.

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