Nonprofits have until noon to apply to receive masks and hand sanitizer

VIDEO: Nonprofits have until noon to apply to receive masks and hand sanitizer

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - South Carolina Habitat for Humanity is now taking applications from nonprofits for mask and hand sanitizer distributions for a program called Masking A Difference.

The deadline for the applications is Monday at noon.

Click here for the application form.

S.C. Habitat for Humanity is prioritizing masks and hand sanitizer over homes. Moriah Hollander, the development director at Dorchester Habitat, says they believe they can better serve the community with these items right now.

"Certainly more people need masks than the number of homes that we're able to build at the speed we can normally build them right now," Hollander said. "We build five homes per year, but we can hand out 100,000 masks in one day maybe. So that's a lot of people we can help."

So with the help of FEMA, S.C. Habitat for Humanity will be giving away nearly 200,000 masks and 2,800 gallons of hand sanitizer to our local non-profits in South Carolina.

Habitat is taking application on a first come first served basis.

For most non-profits, Habitat says donations are down, but the need is still there. And the new expense of providing staff and clients with masks and sanitizer comes at a cost.

“Non-profits who have much lower budgets and are very tight right now anyways,” Hollander said. “As masks become more required in certain areas, it’s just an expense that could easily get lost and is much harder.”

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