Charleston County schools prepare classrooms for fall reopening

Updated: Jul. 22, 2020 at 4:19 AM EDT
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NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - The Charleston County School District is spending upwards of $5 million on getting its classrooms and schools ready for students this fall.

The biggest expense has been buying and installing plexiglass in many of the county’s elementary school classrooms.

On Tuesday, Ron Kramps, the district’s associate of facilities management, led a tour through Dunston Elementary in North Charleston where every classroom has been retrofitted with plexiglass.

″We could fit around 16 to 17 desks in a classroom if we were just going to spread them out six feet apart, but by using partitions we’re able to get 24 to 26 students in a classroom,” Kramps said. “If you put a divider between them maybe you can allow them to sit a little bit closer and allow them to interact with one another.”

The school district has also purchased more than 100,000 cloth masks for its students, and they’ll be required to wear them from the time they get to school until they get to their desk.

″You put the partition between two students to prevent the spread of them sneezing or coughing or having something on their hands and touching one another,” Kramps said.

The plexiglass and installment of it are costing the school district around $3 million. They also spent almost $800,000 on getting fogging machines for every school.

″Every school will get fogged with a sanitizing mist once a week,” Kramps said. “So, every school, every night will fog about a fifth of every school, and then through the five-day work week, every school will be sanitized once a week.”

Workers are also set to clean each school every night, and fresh air equipment is being repaired and replaced where needed.

Middle and high school classrooms may not have as much plexiglass, Kramps said. Instead, many of the desks will be put six feet apart.

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