Survey results reveal S.C.’s drivers top priorities to fix transportation

VIDEO: Survey results reveal S.C.’s drivers top priorities to fix transportation

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - The South Carolina Department of Transportation is using feedback from more than 10,000 drivers to figure out plans for the future of transportation.

Last summer, SCDOT put out a survey to figure out best ways to improve transportation in the next 20 years. The survey asked questions about what drivers would like to see for the future of our state’s roads, bridges, freight and bike/pedestrian projects.

Survey results show South Carolina driver’s top priorities are safer roads, less congestion, repaving and bridge repairs. The DOT analyzed that data and information for projects they know need to be completed and came up with funding projections to make it happen.

They say it could take almost $9 billion dollars to fund everything by 2040. Staff at SCDOT say they would like to add $50 million in safety projects by that time and $2.76 billion to address congestion on the interstates. Money will come from the state’s gas tax and several other funding sources.

“From my perspective, that’s what’s the most important part of this entire report. It says we still have not resolved the issue of how to deal with the rapid growth of the state and the congestion we have on the system on a daily basis,” Secretary of Transportation Christy Hall said.

You can take a look at the plan in its entirety by clicking: here. You can give SCDOT feedback anytime before Aug. 20.

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