Man drives 2,000 miles to play trombone for brother

VIDEO: Man drives 2,000 miles to play trombone for brother

BOZEMAN, Mont. (KXLF/CBS News) - For anyone living or recovering in a rest home, COVID-19 has kept family members and friends apart.

But one family is using music to reconnect. Robert Graham decided to take a road trip to visit his brother Bill, who’s recovering at the Gallatin County Rest Home.

The plan? Gather together a group of trombones and play outside his brother’s room.

“1,400 miles it took to get here,” Graham said.

Graham drove from Virginia to put on the musical performance.

“It’s been really, really a tough time,” Bill’s wife, Chris Delaney, said. “My husband is sick and injured...and the pandemic. It means everything.”

“Jeannie Little, the current trombone instructor at Montana State is an old friend of mine,” Graham said. “She used to teach at James Madison University in Virginia. So I called Jeannie up and said, Jeannie put together a trombone section for me and I brought the music and here we are.”

The group of five trombones played a number of tunes, from hymns to classic brass melodies.

Robert said it’s all about the therapeutic nature of music.

“It’s resonance. And that’s the reason I got my trombone together,” he said. “When you resonate chords with other people, you realize that you’re connected to them in a very non verbal way.”

And that goes for everyone who’s healing.

“Our community is healing with each other, you know,” Delaney said. “We stay distance and we stay covered, but we don’t have to be isolated.”

“I’m just here to be here for him,” Graham said. “And I think he realized that he drove this way for him because I love him, and sometimes all you can do is show up.”

And for family, that means the world.

“We have a lot of decisions, life decisions to be making here in our future,” Delaney said. “And thank goodness Robert from Virginia and musicians from MSU put a little joy in our hearts during tough times.”

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