Sisters separated at an early age reunited through pandemic

Sisters Bev Boro and Doris Crippen were reunited after years of separation because of the...
Sisters Bev Boro and Doris Crippen were reunited after years of separation because of the coronavirus pandemic.(KMTV/CBS News)
Published: Jul. 26, 2020 at 11:14 AM EDT
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FREMONT, Neb. (KMTV/CBS News) - Despite all the heartbreak and tragedy the pandemic has caused, for two sisters in Nebraska, it has brought some joy.

After being separated at an early age, they’ve reunited and they say it was all because of COVID-19.

“To find out how I got to find her was because it was the Lord’s blessing,” Doris Crippen said.

Crippen may be the first person happy about getting COVID-19.

“No, I seen her once when she was a baby and I held her. And the rest of my life growing up I never thought I’d find her again,” she said.

Crippin and Bev Boro were two long lost sisters but are now reunited at Methodist Fremont Health.

“Our search is over we don’t have to look anymore,” Crippen said.

Boro is a medication aide at the hospital, and when she recently saw a list of patient names, one caught her attention: Doris'. So she wrote a message on a dry erase board since her sister is hard of hearing.

“I went in with one of the whiteboards and I said to her, is your father Wendall Huffman? She goes that’s my daddy, and I pointed at myself and I go that’s mine, too.” Boro said.

Crippen, who has since recovered from COVID-19, was in the hospital for a broken arm after a fall due to weakness caused by the virus.

“I looked at her and I looked at her some more after she asked me about being Wendall Huffman’s daughter, she has to be some kind of relation to me,” Crippen said.

Boro said she was nervous about breaking the news and for Crippen it was emotional.

“She said I am your sister, Bev. And I literally stood up out of the chair and burst into tears. It’s just a happy feeling. It’s been 53 years since I’ve seen her when she was a baby,” Crippen said.

Boro had researched her sister before, without luck, but now thanks to a global pandemic, they both feel their world is a little more complete.

“If it wasn’t for that, I would have never found her. If it wasn’t for that, I would have never ended up in the hospital with a broken arm,” Crippen said.

Both say they plan on having a big family reunion when they’re able to and are looking forward to the future.

Crippen says she is feeling better from her broken arm and is anxious to visit Boro’s home and meet her children.

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