Mt. Pleasant Police launch distracted driving enforcement campaign

Mt. Pleasant Police launch distracted driving enforcement campaign
Mount Pleasant Police will begin a distracted driving enforcement campaign this week, targeting drivers using mobile devices while driving. (Source: Live 5/File)

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCSC) - Mount Pleasant Police will pair up this week in unmarked vehicles to ticket drivers who use their mobile devices while driving.

The goal of the enforcement campaign is to reduce collisions by issuing citations to drivers who use their phones instead of paying attention to the road, Inspector Don Calabrese said.

“One of the biggest complaints I get about traffic in Mount Pleasant is the number of distracted drivers on the roadway,” Lt. Chip Googe said. “We want to reduce the number of collisions caused by distracted driving during this enforcement campaign and bring to light how dangerous it is to even glance at your phone while driving.” 

The officers will work together to collect evidence of people driving while using their mobile devices since it is sometimes difficult for a lone officer to concentrate on their driving while gaining evidence of this offense, Calabrese said.

Depending on the infraction, violators can expect to receive fines ranging from $25.00 to $272.69. The campaign is expected to run through the end of August.

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