Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office to create Citizen’s Advisory Council

VIDEO: Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office to create Citizen’s Advisory Council

DORCHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - Officials have announced the formation of a new council to help identify challenges and bridge gaps in policing.

Dorchester County Sheriff L.C. Knight says that the council is intended to foster a partnership between the public and the sheriff’s office by finding mutually agreeable solutions and creating a safer environment.

Knight says the council will reflect all demographics of Dorchester County to ensure transparency and accountability from the sheriff’s office to all residents.

“It can work two ways, they can feed to us, maybe what we are not doing, and we can feed to them what we need the community to help us do,” Knight said. “Our community, they are the victims. They are the witnesses. We can make an arrest and go to court, they are the jurors. They make us do a good or a bad job.”

Knight said the plan is to select people for the advisory council from the five zones his deputies patrol.

“I think that input from all sorts of people is really needed for the situation that’s we’re in right now in this country,” said Bill Hughes who lives in Dorchester County.

“We’re citizens, we are part of the community and our voices are important to be heard,” said Maia Morris, who is also a resident of the county. ”They’re bringing different points of view.”

Knight is hoping the advisory council will serve as that voice.

“I think there’s a lot of misunderstanding in the community right now about law enforcement and how they do things, why they do things, and I think this will help with all that,” Knight said.

All Dorchester County residents, 21 or older, are encouraged to apply, but the sheriff’s office said applicants must prove residency in Dorchester County and complete a comprehensive background check that includes criminal history.

Applications for an advisory council position can be requested from Lt. Rick Carson at 843-832-0340, or by email at

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