Charleston Police seek community input for Racial Justice Town Hall

VIDEO: Charleston Police seek community input for Racial Justice Town Hall

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - The Charleston Police Department says they are teaming up with national organizations to host a Racial Justice Town Hall Thursday night.

Officials say the town hall will address some of our communities most pressing issues, including policing in Charleston. Panelists include representatives from Black Lives Matter, officials with the Charleston Police Department, as well as representatives from the AND Campaign, a national social justice campaign, police say.

AND’s Charleston chapter, along with BLM representatives and community members, will address the Charleston Police Department Chief and other department staff directly, officials say.

Wendy Stiver, the Director of Research and Procedural Justice with the Charleston Police Department, says this is a promising opportunity for the department.

“Every conversation is an opportunity to influence what we’re doing in the community,” Stiver said. “What we’re doing with the racial bias audit, what we’re doing in policing. And it’s also an opportunity to engage people to do long term work.”

“Our Lives, Our Police, Our Community” Town Hall will be one of the largest town halls the Charleston Police Department has attended since the death of George Floyd, officials say.

“There’s an opportunity here,” Stiver said. “And this is part of trying to work harder to engage in conversations that we don’t normally have the privilege of having access to.”

Stiver says, each of the panelists will be given a chance to speak before taking questions sent in by people in the community.

The police department says they asked AND to put together this conversation as an opportunity to talk with the community about policing in our area and where they would like to see change.

The town hall will be streamed live over YouTube from 6-8 p.m. and all comments need to be submitted before the event starts, officials say.

To view the meeting go the AND Campaign’s Youtube Channel.

Stiver also added, if more questions or concerns come up after the meeting, member of the community can always contact them directly at

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