New subdivision plans for Johns Island

VIDEO: New subdivision plans for Johns Island

JOHNS ISLAND, S.C. (WCSC) - The concept plans for a potential new neighborhood on John’s Island are being discussed by the City of Charleston Thursday.

Officials say the proposed subdivision called Wooddale is on 297.65-acres of land off River Road on Plow Ground Road. The plan is for the development to be tucked into the woods, so that it won’t be very visible from Plow Ground Road, the City of Charleston says.

The developer says they are planning for all of the units in the neighborhood to be single family, detached homes.

The City of Charleston’s planning director, Jacob Lindsey, says it’s a unique property that has 50% of its site set aside for open space, which is more than any other planned unit development in the city.

There are 430 lots right now, but Lindsey says that doesn't mean there will be single family homes on all these.

Developers say they have reviewed the Dutch Dialogues and will adhere to these for their site design. “It will be the first development project that we’ve had that is claiming to adhere to the Dutch Dialogues recommendations for stormwater,” Lindsey said.

The developers have put the most dense part of development on the high side of the property and they say this, coupled with innovative and natural stormwater techniques, should prove effective.

"I suspect that this is one [project] that a lot of folks have anticipated for years," Lindsey said. "This is a project that's been known about for years and it's finally moving forward with the conceptual plan."

Lindsey says the project has been known about for about 10 years now. The city says it could take a year or more just to get through the approval process and the neighborhood would probably be under construction for anywhere from 10 to 30 years.

"This is a project that is very unique and this would be the last of any single family development on this part of John's Island," Lindsey said.

Lindsey says any other development there would be outside of the urban growth boundary. That is a policy the city says was set in place in the 1990s to limit growth and keep John’s Island rural. About 80% of Johns Island is outside of the urban growth boundary, which the city says will preserve most of Johns Island from being densely developed indefinitely.

Lindsey reiterated that that this project has a long future ahead, but will be a meaningful development for Johns Island.

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