Motorcycle Santa brings summer cheer

VIDEO: In TN Motorcycle Santa brings summer cheer

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF/CBS News) - The saying goes Christmas comes but once a year... but what an unusual year it is.

Motorcycle Santa AJ Wolf couldn’t stomach it any longer - so the bike he rides at Christmas - time came out of the garage.

“After 2020 rolled in so many people became unhappy. The cheer level dropped, there is sadness,” Wolf said. “there’s roughly 1400 led lights all the way across”

Motorcycle Santa says he lives for the reactions.

“After November 1 they’re sort of expecting to see that... but now they do this they’ll go and it’s like hey, hi and I go ho ho ho and they go no!”, Wolf said.

But he says this year's pandemic has him starting earlier, intentionally.

“After a couple months went by,” Wolf said. “Mrs. Claus said to me, ‘Honey you need to get the horns back on and let’s go out and just wave to people and see if they can smile if only for a minute. It’ll cheer up the little ones.’”

Wolf says even if Santa doesn’t usually make appearances during the summer, maybe in this new normal, he needs to.

“Here’s the thing we have so many little ones from the time they are able to walk... they want to run up and see Santa, there are some bashful ones, but even the parents they look at this and they get worse than kids get. I’m trying to bring cheer to people and it’s right in heart, isn’t it? That’s where it has to start,” Wolf said.

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