Hilton Head Island makes preparations ahead of potential Isaias’ impacts

Hilton Head Island makes preparations ahead of potential Isaias’ impacts
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HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (WTOC) -The Lowcountry could see more significant impacts from Tropical Storm Isaias compared to coastal Georgia.

Hilton Head Island is making plans now to ensure they are ready for whatever comes on Monday.

“One downed tree in the wrong place can be a bad thing for you,” said Hilton Head Island Town Manager Steve Riley. “A lot of rain right at high tide in a low lying area can be a bad thing for you. A spin of tornado is going to be a bad thing for some people so this can still negatively impact lives, but this is not the superstorm of any stretch of imagination.”

Tropical Storm Isaias has Hilton Head leaders watching out for rip tides, wind, rain, and flooding. Riley says they plan to bring in extra crews at their fire station, as well as close beaches and parks.

“We’re hoping just closure helps send that message that it’s not a safe place to be when the rip currents start getting going,” he says.

Ahead of the closure, the beach remained active Sunday night with waves crashing as guests milled about the island. Ayanna Mabry and Charles Slater of Atlanta say they will head home early Monday to dodge the storm.

“Check out is at 11:00 am so we’re hoping to beat it,” they said. “We were going to linger, but we might have to just hit the road.”

Businesses are doing their best to prepare as well. Pool Bar Jim’s was busy serving drinks, but say after they close, they will stow away furniture. They are right on the beach and say though it’s hard to lose business this year, safety is key.

“There won’t be any revenue and that’s what businesses thrive on,” said operator James Lisenby. “They thrive on making money and providing for their employees and taking care of their guests so yeah it affects that part of it but then again you got to be sensible and make sure your guests are protected, you’re protected and your employees are protected.”

While several places will be closed tomorrow Lowcounty leaders urge you to be wise and prepare for tomorrow’s storms now… Live on Hilton Head Island, Blair Caldwell WTOC News.

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