Berkeley Co. neighborhood plagued by flooding gets help after Live 5 News report

VIDEO: Berkeley Co. neighborhood plagued by flooding gets help after Live 5 News report

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - A Berkeley County neighborhood plagued by flooding got help Thursday after a Live 5 News report. People who live on Harvey Avenue in the Forest Lawn subdivision in Goose Creek say every time there’s heavy rainfall it floods.

They said the water often is so high that they can’t get into or leave their homes.

Clara Johnson says the floodwaters rose very quickly on Wednesday.

”I was talking to my grand baby and all of a sudden I looked outside. The water was high so I say to Jason ‘We got to get out of here,‘” Johnson said. “We got out, the water just everywhere.”

Johnson’s neighbors have the same problem.

”It doesn’t give you a warning, it just all of a sudden, the water piles up and it floods,” Easter Williams said. “You can’t get out because the water is nasty, the water is nasty.”

Johnson blames the flooding on ditches that haven’t been cleaned out.

”They say one ditch belongs to the county, the other one to the state. Regardless who belongs to what, something needs to be done,” Johnson said. “We shouldn’t have to live like that with the tax that we pay.”

We contacted Berkeley County to try to get help for the folks on Harvey Avenue.

A spokeswoman told us the roadside ditches are the State Department of Transportation’s responsibility. However, after our phone call the county sent out crews to clean the ditches even though it’s not their job to do so.

A SCDOT spokesman said their crews do routine maintenance on these ditches every six years.

SCDOT released the following statement:

SCDOT maintains the road and the sideline ditches. The County maintains the outfall ditches (some of which run between the houses) in this area. Outfall ditches run outside of the right of way on the road and usually through the woods. Anyone who needs a ditch cleaned can call the Customer Service Center statewide toll-free: 855-467-2368. A customer service rep will put in a work order for them. And the rep will follow the work order until it gets done.

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