Deadlines fast approaching for Charleston Co. Schools’ free internet program

VIDEO: Deadlines are fast approaching for the Charleston County School District’s free internet program

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Officials say Friday is the last day for Charleston County School District families to fill out a form to request free internet access this semester.

The district says they estimates nearly 10% of their student population does not have reliable access to internet service.

This is an estimate though, the district says, and it's critical that families fill out a survey so officials can provide those families with the proper devices to complete their school work this semester.

District officials say the survey helps them give the state the proper number of students in the Charleston County School District who do not have access to internet service, so they can get state-funded internet hot spot devices.

Families who qualify will get free internet access through December of this year, officials say.

Whether students are working completely virtual or participating in a hybrid school model, CCSD officials say those who qualify will be given an individual electronic internet hot spot device to keep at their home until December.

When someone fills out the survey, officials say they will be asked their family's current monthly and yearly household income, how many CCSD students are in their family, and what schools their children go to.

CCSD officials say the goal is to give out the electronic hot spot devices at the same time that students come to pick up their other personal devices in early September, before school starts.

For families that are requesting the free internet, district officials ask that they go to the online survey.

Families that do not have internet access to complete the survey or have further questions can call the CCSD support line at 843-937-7907, and officials say that phone line is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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