New tv show will feature a Kingstree woman and her large family.

Karen and Deon Derrico have 14 children, including twins, triplets and quintuplets

New tv show will feature a Kingstree woman and her large family.
Karen Derrico, Kingstree native, with her husband and children. They now have 14 kids and will star in a tv show,

KINGSTREE, S.C. (WCSC) - Move over Jon and Kate Plus 8. There's an even bigger family coming to television and the mom has roots in the Lowcountry.

Live 5 News introduced you to the Derrico family last year. Karen Derrico grew up in Kingstree. She and her husband Deon came for a visit in March 2019, along with their 11 children, and Karen was pregnant with triplets. The Derricos have multiple multiples including twins, two sets of triplets, and quintuplets. They say all the births are natural and that multiples run on both sides of the family.

"We are gonna share that we're just like you, with just a larger family. And we have obstacles, some just like you and our challenges and all we have just like you, just on a larger scale," Karen said.

They say they had to find creative ways to keep their kids busy during the pandemic, the same as other parents.

“So we do scavenger hunts and we do learning games and things like that and we do a talent show,” Karen said.

“And we wrestle a lot. Boys against the girls, the older ones against the younger ones,” Deon said.

Karen and Deon live in Las Vegas and the show is shot in their home. They now have 14 children.

You can catch ‘Doubling Down with the Derricos’ every Tuesday night at 10pm on TLC.

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