A look inside: St. George Middle School prepares for new school year

VIDEO: A look inside: St. George Middle School prepares for new school year

ST. GEORGE, S.C. (WCSC) - The start of a new school year is just around the corner and some students are getting ready to head back to class.

Dorchester District Four is currently offering three options for students this fall: a modified in-person model, a hybrid model, or a fully independent virtual model. For students who choose a traditional (in-person) model, they will be going to school two days a week either on Monday and Tuesday, or Wednesday and Thursday.

Benjy Kennedy, the principal at St. George Middle School, says they have been preparing for the new school year and what things will look like for students who choose to go back in-person.

Things will be different the moment those students arrive at the middle school. They will be walking into the building through different entrances by grade. From there they will have their temperature taken and will be going right to their classrooms, where they will eat breakfast.

Students and staff will also be expected to wear masks. There will be different signs around the building reminding them of these safety precautions.

"Our goal is there to be as little movement throughout the building as possible," Kennedy said. "Safety is the priority for students and staff."

Students will stay in one classroom for the majority of the day while teachers rotate. The school does expect to receive a limited number of students, so the number of desks will reflect that. The desks will also be spread out.

Teachers like Latorsha Bryant, who also works at St. George Middle, will use platforms like Zoom to teach students who are tuning in live from home.

"We are looking at using dual monitors so this way it will help the teachers be able to still view our students on [one] monitor to make sure we're engaged, while we have access to all of our lessons and information," Bryant said.

The school is also looking at adding extra cameras in certain classrooms. There will be more cameras placed on computers for zoom meetings with students, and some will be put up to capture different angles of the classroom.

For more information about what precautions St. George Middle School is taking and their registration dates, visit their Facebook page or their website.

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