Arrest warrant issued after dog goes missing from Berkeley County groomer

Updated: Aug. 14, 2020 at 4:33 PM EDT
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BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - More than a month after a dog went missing from a grooming and boarding facility in Berkeley County, investigators have issued a warrant for the arrest of an ex-employee for animal abuse and breach of trust.

The warrant issued by the Berkeley County Sheriffs Office states that, Jenny Hutson, ex-employee at K9 Bay Groomers, left a french bulldog outside the summer heat without water.

BCSO detective Neal Johnson says the dog has not been recovered and is presumed dead.

"The victim trusted Jenny Hutson with the care of her pet and she failed to provide proper care for that pet and the french bulldog passed away because of that," Johnson said.

The dog's owner, Melissa Sanchez, dropped her dog, Frankie, off at K9 Bay Groomers on July 3, according to the incident report.

But when she returned on the July 6, Hutson gave conflicting stories about why the dog was not there.

"She provided numerous statements ranging from the dog was kidnapped, that the dog fled through an open door," Johnson said. "Then she advised that the dog was possibly dead. Then there's another statement that says she's not aware where the dog is."

The owner of K9 Bay Groomers, Martin Medellin said during the dog's stay, he was sick in the hospital with COVID-19.

"I'm deeply sorry. I am very, very, very deeply sorry," Medellin said. "I'm responsible because I'm the owner of K9 Bay Groomers but I wasn't there and I wasn't even aware of what happened."

Medellin said he immediately fired Hutson and that his message to his former employee is "to turn herself in. To do the right thing. To speak up and tell the truth whatever it is."

The detective in the case said he is also investigating recent death threats against Medellin after the story went viral online.

The dog’s owner did not want to provide a statement on the record.

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