CCSD: Virtual Academy registration deadline fast approaching

VIDEO: CCSD: Virtual Academy registration deadline fast approaching

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - The Charleston County School District says all parents who are interested must register their children for the CCSD Virtual Academy by the end of the day Friday. 

CCSD says there are three learning options for families to choose from for the new school year: virtual, temporary remote, and in-person. 

However, Friday’s deadline for the virtual academy is important for all families who know they don’t intend to send their students to face-to-face instruction in September, CCSD Chief Academic Adviser Karolyn Belcher said.

With lots of decisions to make, Belcher said CCSD needs this information from parents so they can start planning and make sure they have the faculty they need.  

Each school will be designating teachers to certain roles based on what options the students choose, Belcher said.  

After nearly half the families didn't respond to the school surveys last week, Belcher said individual schools are now also reaching out trying to figure out how many teachers they will need in the physical classroom.

“Virtual academy is for those families who know now that they don’t want to send their children  back to school at all this year,” Belcher said.  “Either because you have medically vulnerable folks in your family, because virtual has really been working for you. If you think you might want your child to go back at some point in the year into in person instruction, please go with temporary remote.”

If families don't sign up for the virtual academy by Friday, Belcher said students will automatically be reverted to the temporary remote option.

Though students will be placed in the remote option, Belcher said it is only temporary and there will be opportunities to switch to the in person option, or the virtual academy.

“The staffing and the programming around some of these things are... we’re getting into a narrow window and it’s tougher,” Belcher said. 

The temporary remote option will require a minimum quarterly commitment for elementary and middle school students and a semester commitment for high school students because Belcher says they want to keep things as consistent as possible.

District officials say they will be reaching out to families in the next week or two with more information after the virtual academy information is collected. 

Belcher also said, regardless of what parents decide, there will also be an option to go virtual if parents aren't comfortable with a situation.

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