Colleton County parents still looking for answers as school year approaches

VIDEO: Colleton County parents still looking for answers as school year approaches

COLLETON COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - Parents know that students in the Colleton County School District have an option for a virtual learning model or a hybrid model, but they say there is a lot they still don’t know.

Some parents are looking for answers Monday, after the Colleton County School District held a virtual public forum to answer questions about the new school year.

“We have been working diligently almost since we closed school in March, but as you see many things have happened and many changes have occurred since that time,” CCSD Superintendent John Tindal said during the forum. “We’ve been making modifications to some of the activities that we had decided to do early on, we’ve made changes to those items.”

District officials answered questions about sanitation protocols, transportation, and differences between a virtual school day and an in-person school day.

Although this was the district's second virtual forum, some parents feel like there hasn't been an efficient way to get their questions answered.

“Just give us something to know in advance. Don’t wait until September 7 to [tell us] what’s going to happen on the 8, so that I can schedule what I need to do,” said a parent. “At this point I’m like well can I go back to work or can I not go back to work because I don’t know.”

Some parents and other community members are planning on showing up to Tuesday night's board meeting to demand answers to their questions.

As a response, a spokesperson for the Colleton County School District sent Live 5 a statement:

Colleton County School District is dedicated to being as transparent as possible and has worked hard to provide our community with all the information they need during this difficult time. As CCSD prepares to reopen schools on September 8, we have created multiple virtual public forums, board meeting livestreams, informational videos, brochures and district web pages designed to keep our stakeholders informed.

We invite our community members to call us at 843-782-4510 to have their questions and concerns addressed. Members of the public can also find information on our school reopening plan on our website:

We will continue to provide information to our community through every channel we have available, including our phone dialer system, our website, digital and paper brochures, board meetings and our public forums.

In addition, our stakeholders can send their questions to us to be addressed at our next virtual public forum, which will be held Monday, August 24, starting at 3 p.m. Please submit your questions by emailing them to, so they can be addressed during the virtual public forum.

For your question to be addressed during this virtual public forum, it must be submitted to by 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 22.

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