Parade for 4-year-old car enthusiast who feels a need for speed

Parade for 4-year-old car enthusiast who feels a need for speed
4-year-old Charlotte resident has a passion for fast cars. (Source: Ron Lee/WBTV)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - It was an idea and a moment a local man wanted to share with his daughter – you can be anything you want to be.

That even includes a hot rod enthusiast. Several car clubs got together for a parade to show one 4-year old that cars aren’t just for the guys.

There’s two things for certain about Charlotte Williams . She loves cars, the faster the better… and the fact that she has no idea what’s coming.”

“To try to encourage her and to bring out the feminine energy and positivity.” said Christi Carlton, the founder of Car Girls of the Carolinas.

Charlotte’s family just moved here from out of town, and her dad Greg Williams quickly joined a local car club to show off his hot rod.

“I joined a Corvette group,” Williams enthusiastically said. While his son would normally go to the car shows with him, there wasn’t enough room in the two-seater for Charlotte. But Charlotte had a need for speed.

“And my daughter kinda feels a little left out.” said Williams.

To encourage his daughter, Greg called up some friends who were in local car clubs, to have a parade and show Charlotte she could do anything, be anything she wants.

Her mother Danielle Williams tells us she always had a fascination with fast cars. “She just likes what she likes, and cool cars are awesome.:

That’s where Car Girls of the Carolinas came in.

“To be able to create a space, for us to really empower and support each other.” said the group’s founder. “It’s a feeling I can’t describe.”

Despite torrential rains, over a dozen high-priced, high-performing vehicles gave little Charlotte a parade in front of a local restaurant Wednesday night to show a 4-year-old that cars just aren’t for boys.

Charlotte’s dad was excited about the large turnout. “It’s amazing all the girls that came out to show her, my four-year old daughter that cars aren’t just for boys.”

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