Woman trying to partner with company to improve internet service for community

Updated: Sep. 1, 2020 at 6:38 PM EDT
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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - A Ravenel woman who is tired of bad internet service is trying to get it fixed for her entire community, especially for students who will have to learn virtually.

April Gaskins was excited to move to the Parkers Ferry community until she found out about the internet service there.

“We don’t have phone, our internet is spotty,” Gaskins said. “We can’t even watch our TV shows without it buffering, and at that point you’re just like forget it.”

Gaskins learned she was not alone and that lots of other people in the Ravenel area were having the same problem.

“Virtual learning right now obviously is a priority, but also people that could be working from home, they can’t because the satellite internet is so unreliable,” she said.

Gaskins came up with an idea. She contacted PRTC cable company to see if they could provide internet service. A company spokesman told her they are interested.

Gaskins was told it will cost thousands of dollars just to run the fiber optic cable under the railroad tracks.

“They’d have to stop work to let a train go by so it’s gonna take longer,” she said.

The spokesman for the cable company told us they are trying to secure grants to help pay for the project. People In Ravenel we spoke with are ready for improved internet.

“It’s what we need, definitely need better internet service, especially with all the kids and all going back to school and all. I mean if it runs slow it just ain’t going to work,” Dennie Metts said.

Gaskins says she’s hoping the better internet will be up and running sometime next year, and she’s not giving up.

“No, I can’t. Not now,” she said.

Gaskins is planning to set up booths in the area of Savannah Highway in Parkers Ferry to get more signatures to give to the cable company.

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