Dorchester District 4 adds new virtual partnership for STEM students

VIDEO: Dorchester District 4 adds new virtual partnership for STEM students

DORCHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - Starting this year for the first time, high school students in Dorchester District 4 can work toward high school and college credits virtually through a partnership with the Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics.

Woodland High School has a new lab dedicated to the partnership where students are enrolled for dual credits at the Governor’s school. Before graduating from their own high school, students can gain around 15 college credits.

Principal Adrian Busch describes the program as a school within a school.

“The program in essence, first it brings the Governor’s School to the high school,” Busch said. “There’s a huge push to support and promote STEM in our country, the United States and all over the world so the small piece of that is us doing our part for our students and for the community at large.”

Pat Duggins, school counselor and career director, said emphasizing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics programs is critical in preparing students in rural Dorchester County for better jobs within their own community.

“With all the different businesses that are coming into our area, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, our students will now be more prepared when they leave here for those jobs that will be offered,” Duggins said.

During the pandemic, the district is currently offering students modified in-person, hybrid and virtual schedules. Busch said the advancement program fits into any schedule model a student may be taking.

“The structure is perfect for what we’re dealing with right now,” Busch said. “I’m hoping students take away a huge jumpstart on the next steps in post-secondary education whether that be going to college to major in engineering or just going to college to major in anything.”

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