Warm & humid for Monday, a cool down arrives Tuesday!

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - While we can’t rule out a few scattered storms, most of the day will be dry. Interestingly enough, moisture from TS Sally has made its way to Georgia, but that moisture should stay just south of South Carolina for most of Monday. Temperatures will go from near 90 Monday to near 80 degrees Tuesday all thanks to a cold front! Lower humidity and cooler digits will stick around for a few days. Morning in the upper 60s are expected Tuesday and Wednesday. A second cold front, along with ample moisture from Sally, will push into the area by Friday.

In the tropics there are no areas of immediate concern for the Lowcountry, however it’s important to stay aware this time of the year. Here’s what we re tracking:

DISTURBANCE 1: This area is in the central Gulf and will drift southwest closer to Mexico. This is no concern to the U.S.

TROPICAL STORM SALLY: This storm could undergo rapid intensification tomorrow and make landfall as a category 2 hurricane Tuesday near southeast Louisiana and Mississippi.

HURRICANE PAULETTE: Paulette will move closer to Bermuda tomorrow. A trough will push this storm away from the U.S.

TROPICAL DEPRESSION RENE: Rene will continue to weaken into a remnant low in the next few days.

TROPICAL DEPRESSION 20: This area is tracking west through the Atlantic and has a likely chance of becoming a tropical storm in the next few days. This system should move NW and we will continue to monitor this area.

DISTURBANCE 2: A cluster of showers and storms are a few hundreds of miles southwest of the Cabo Verde Islands and will move west/northwest. It now has a high-end chance of development within the next 5 days.

DISTURBANCE 3: A tropical wave will move off the coast of Africa and has a low-end chance of development.

MONDAY: Hot and humid, slight shower and storm chance later in the day; HIGH: 89.

TUESDAY: Cooler and less humid, HIGH: 83.

WEDNESDAY: More comfortable, HIGH: 83.

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