Report: Truck driver was unaware of fatal pedestrian collision until motorist flagged him down

Updated: Sep. 15, 2020 at 9:10 PM EDT
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MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCSC) - Police reports have shed more light on a collision that killed a well known shrimper in Mount Pleasant last week.

The collision happened on Sept. 11 and took the life of 67-year-old Edwin “Wayne” Magwood from Mount Pleasant. Magwood’s shrimp boat is docked at Shem Creek, and he had served as a boat captain since he was 16 years old.

On Tuesday, officials with the Mount Pleasant Police Department released numerous police officer reports on the incident that occurred on Coleman Boulevard at Mill Street.

According to one of those reports, the vehicle involved in the collision was a semi truck whose driver told investigators that he did not know that he had struck someone until a motorist brought it to his attention.

The truck driver said he had a green light, cleared the intersection, turned and did not feel any impact against the truck. In addition, he said an impact-detecting camera on the vehicle did not activate; investigators said they spoke to the corporate office who also reported that the video did not activate.

According to the driver, he felt two bumps as he turned but did not pull over until he saw a car behind him flashing him down. The police report states the motorist who flagged the truck driver down told him that he hit a person in the road.

One of the responding officers reported that the truck driver wanted to know the status of the victim and felt bad for him.

A witness said she saw the truck turning left at the same time Magwood was walking into the roadway.

She told officers she could not tell if Magwood fell or tripped to the ground prior to being struck by the truck.

Another officer reported that a family member of Magwood’s approached him and had asked who was involved in the collision. The family member said he was supposed to meet Magwood at a boat but no one was able to reach him.

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