Dorchester District 2 investigating parent concerns over school lunches

VIDEO: Parents, students upset about DD2 lunch

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCSC) - Some Dorchester District Two parents say their children were left hungry on Monday after they were served inadequate school lunches.

Parents say their kids didn’t want to eat them.

Monday was the first day that a portion of students returned to in-person learning in DD2.

Dorchester District 2 spokesperson Pat Raynor says they were made aware of the lunches late Monday and that it is being reviewed and investigated. The district says it is not acceptable.

.Photos of the school lunches were posted on social media showing a waffle, turkey sausage and broccoli. It also came with celery, an apple and juice. Hundreds of people are weighing in saying this is not okay.

Raynor says this school year, the district contracted with an outside food vendor, Sodexo. The district’s food service director retired at the end of last school year.

Parent Lakeshia Grippon says she would like to see changes to school lunches. She says her son was served the lunch at Fort Dorchester High School and went to practice hungry.

“I was thinking I can’t believe this is what was served in today’s lunch it was really hurtful to see,” Grippon said.

The district say Sodexo has apologized for serving the meals and says there’s some supply chain issues.

“It looks like there was a lack of planning, it look like it was a lack of empathy," Grippon said."Is this something that you would serve to your children? That’s what I want to ask."

The district says it is working to determine how many schools were served the lunches in question.

“That was very hurtful because my mom works in the school system, she works in the cafeteria so she cares about how the kids eat," Grippon said.

Parents of students at Summerville High School say they were served the meals as well.

The district says Sodexo reassured them this won’t happen again.

As for now, many parents say their children plan to bring lunch from home.

DD2 officials say school lunches are free for all students until December 31. A U.S. Department of Agriculture Grant is funding them through its coronavirus support resources.

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