Police: Rep. Nancy Mace’s car vandalized, keyed

Updated: Oct. 7, 2020 at 6:33 PM EDT
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MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCSC) - The Mount Pleasant Police Department says that Republican South Carolina congressional candidate Nancy Mace’s car has been vandalized.

Officers say they first responded to a call from Mace at 2:03 p.m. Tuesday in the Bowman Road Nordstrom Rack parking lot. Police say the words “F*** YOU” were scratched into the driver’s side back passenger door along with a long scratch on the driver’s door.

Incident reports state that Mace did not suspect anyone of the vandalism, nor did she park next to anyone or have anyone follow her into the store.

Police say they have checked surrounding surveillance footage but are yet to find an image of the suspect. The MPPD said this is an ongoing investigation.

Mace said a few hours before her debate with Rep. Joe Cunningham on Tuesday she went into a store for about 20 minutes, and when she came back she saw her car had been vandalized.

“I’m pretty well recognizable in town of all the ads that are running and everything,” she said Wednesday afternoon. “We’re convinced this was politically motivated, it was an attempt to intimidate me during this run for Congress right now, and it’s unfortunate, it’s disheartening, and it’s sad."

Mace said that communities need to come together and rebuilding, and stop attacking people personally.

“I would love for all of us to start healing now, rather than after the election because we hear so many stories in our community of neighbors being pitted against neighbors, friends against friends who disagree politically, and then something like this happens,” she said. “It’s not okay. We’ve got to stand up and say enough is enough. Let’s stop all this nonsense and these attacks, and let’s come together and set a better example for our community, our state and our country.”

Rep. Joe Cunningham released the following statement:

“Politics should be about rising above partisanship and putting people first. That’s the way my parents raised me and it’s a belief I carry with me each day. It does not matter who you support in this election, there is absolutely no place for this type of vandalism or animosity on either side. I sincerely hope that whoever did this to Representative Mace’s car is found and held accountable.”

Representatives for Cunningham said they have contacted the police over a dozen times regarding threats towards the him, his family, or his staff.

Representatives sent a transcript of a voicemail received on Sept. 5 that was reported to the police.

Joe, you %$!@ piece of %$!@ spreading that %$!@ lie about the President if I catch you %$!@ walking down the street to %$!@ Charleston over in ladson or in Summerville you better. Watch what that you’ve line passage. It. I can’t stand someone who %$!@ license spreads lies like that you crap mother %$!@. I hope God strike you did where you live. I hope your family gets raped at night, yes.

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