Family still seeking answers in 18-year-old’s death; waiting for SLED results

Updated: Oct. 9, 2020 at 11:11 PM EDT
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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - The family of an 18-year-old who drowned in the Cooper River back in June, is still searching for answers.They say they still don’t know what happened the day he went missing.

Authorities say Elijah Weatherspoon was reported missing from a boat on June 25. Three days later, they found his body on a sandbar near Sullivan’s Island.

Officials with the Charleston County Coroner’s Office said based on the initial autopsy findings, the cause of his death was asphyxiation due to drowning.

Weatherspoon’s family and their lawyer, Margie Pizarro, said they are waiting for the results of an investigation conducted by SCDNR and SLED.

“Once we get the facts, once we get the reports, we will be able to see if this is a situation where criminal charges should be brought or whether there is some civil liability as it relates to the passing of Elijah,” Pizarro said.

Weatherspoon’s stepfather, Erick Lamb, said they have heard several stories from multiple people about what happened the day he went missing, but they still have not gotten the full picture of what led to his death.

“We would just like to have the facts come to us clear, that way we can put this to bed and take the action that is necessary,” Lamb said. “If there is anybody out there that wants to provide information of what happened that night, please contact Ms. Pizarro and let her know and just continue praying for our family.”

Although they don’t want to rush the process of getting the facts, Pizarro said it has been nearly four months since Weatherspoon’s death and every minute matters.

“Every day that this family has to wait to find out what really truly happened to their loved one, I think that every day that the community mourns the loss of this young man, is a day too many,” Pizarro said.

Weatherspoon’s brother, Isaiah, said he is still traumatized after hearing the news of Elijah’s death.

“It’s my little bro, we did everything together and the way it was brought to me was very incorrect,” Isaiah said. “I’m pretty sure for the rest of the time I will be on this Earth, it’ll be a shock.”

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