Charleston County releases alternatives to help alleviate Johns Island traffic

VIDEO: Charleston County releases alternatives to help alleviate Johns Island traffic

CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - Project leaders working on clearing congestion throughout Johns Island are asking for public input on multiple potential plans for roads south of Maybank Highway.

County officials released five alternatives to help with heavy traffic on Bohicket Road, Maybank Highway and River Road as a part of the overall Main Road Corridor improvement project.

The different plans include widening Bohicket and River roads, adding brand new routes parallel to the other two, reworking busy intersections in the area and connecting the island with the future I-526 extension.

“Basically, there’s more than one way,” Project manager Sunshine Trakas said. “There’s a lot of traffic going down Bohicket but that are going to Charleston so with those, widening a different road and providing those different access routes, all of those alternatives will help to lower the traffic congestion.”

Each alternative includes different impacts to properties, farmland and marshes.

Trakas said the largest number of homes would be impacted should the county move forward with widening River Road.

“Widening Bohicket Road had seven potential relocations whereas River Road widening has 47 potential relocations,”Trakas said.

Amanda Janecek runs her own business and lives on Johns Island. She said standstill traffic in the area has left a noticeable impact on her gymnastics studio.

“If anything happens in any sort of rush hour or during school during drop off or during pick up, we can be stuck,” Janecek said. “There are times where I’ve had to completely just close classes for the evening because there’s been an accident somewhere, or the light’s out at Main and River and then the entire island shuts down and can’t get anywhere for several hours.”

Janecek said she is happy to know the county wants to expand heavily used roads on the island, but she says more needs to be done to connect Johns Island with neighboring communities.

“I think we need an extra route not just only for our daily commute but also in the event of emergencies,” Janecek said. “It’s still impossible to keep up with the development and the amount of families that are moving this way. I think we’re never going to keep up unless we make a bigger change.”

People can view all five alternative plans in detail and make public comments online until Nov. 12 here.

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