Traffic congestion relief plans in the works for Hwy. 17

VIDEO: Traffic congestion relief coming to Highway 17

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCSC) - Mount Pleasant leaders have stated in their comprehensive plan that one of their future goals is to relieve the traffic congestion frequent to Highway 17.

One of the ways they say they plan to do this is by extending Billy Swails Boulevard.

Plans to extend Billy Swails Boulevard from Hamlin Road to Six Mile Road have been in the works for years and town leaders say this was previously known as the Hungryneck Boulevard corridor.

Mount Pleasant Transportation Infrastructure Division Chief Paul Lykins says he expects these plans to be complete in January 2021.

The extension road of Billy Swails Bloulevard will run parallel to Highway 17 and Rifle Range Road, Lykins says.

The Mount Pleasant Transportation Department says they also plan to break ground next summer on an extension from Old Georgetown Road and US 17, near Christ Church, to the Rifle Range Road Corridor.

Lykins says it will have an intersection with Billy Swails Boulevard and the connector road will run parallel to Six Mile Road and Hamlin Road.

“The purpose and need of the Connector is to increase connectivity and help distribute traffic on and off Long Point Road to Billy Swails Boulevard as opposed to US 17,” Lykins said. “This will allow Billy Swails Boulevard to serve as a greater parallel reliever to segments of US 17 for north and southbound traffic.”

The final design plans for the connector project are expected to be finished this year, but officials say plans show the road running through a future, jointly-owned Town of Mount Pleasant and Charleston County Park.

Lykins says that park is planned to be located between Billy Swails Boulevard and Rifle Range Road.

The Highway 17 to Rifle Range Road connector project is expected to cost $10,461,081, but officials say it is funded through the town’s Capital Improvement Projects fund.

Construction on the connector road portion is expected to start in July 2021 and Lykins says a virtual public information meeting regarding the US 17 to Rifle Range Road connector launches on the town’s website Wednesday.

Lykins says anyone will be able to see the latest design plans and give feedback for the next two weeks, but the link goes live Wednesday and can be found on the Town of Mount Pleasant’s website.

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