Dorchester District 2 uses tax increase to fund technology, new school

VIDEO: Dorchester District 2 uses tax increase to fund technology, new school

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCSC) - Dorchester School District Two is using money from a tax hike to pay for electronic devices for each student and to build a new middle school.

The tax hike is impacting property and business owners.

Dorchester County officials say people should receive their tax bills over the next few weeks.

DD2 spokesperson Pat Raynor says the school district took out a $16 million bond for technology and a $17 million bond for the construction of a new middle school near Beech Hill Elementary. The tax increase will allow the district to pay back its debt.

The school district says the millage increase will take place over a two-year period. For example, a $100,000 owner occupied residence can expect to pay $22 extra in taxes for the upcoming year. A $100,000 non-owner occupied property can expect to pay $33 more.

The school district says a bond was used update security cameras for schools, purchase individual electronic devices for all students to support learning in classrooms and at home and to purchase smartboards for classroom instruction.

Laptops were issued to student at the beginning of the school year.

The district says now that students have their own device, every school can convert their computer labs into classrooms totaling 111 new classrooms throughout the district.

The construction of a new middle school in the Beech Hill area is to help alleviate overcrowding. The project is being paid through the tax hike in addition to impact fees.

Dorchester County officials say Dorchester County approves the school district’s operating budget, but not its debt budget. The county says it did not have any say in the tax increase.

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