Georgetown land use plans up for discussion

VIDEO: Georgetown land use plans up for discussion

GEORGETOWN COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - Georgetown County is now updating their 10-year comprehensive plan, and they are seeking the community’s input.

The comprehensive plan will determine all land use decisions the county makes over the next decade. And starting Monday afternoon, the county spokesperson, Jackie Broach, says the county is hoping to find out where residents want to see growth and development and where they don’t.

Broach says the goal of 10-year comprehensive plan is to allow the county to make decisions based on what the community wants.

“One thing that people have talked about it wanting to see some of that growth move over to the western parts of the county, develop areas over there,” Broach said. “So that’s one thing to be considered now in this future land use plan.”

There will be three meetings throughout the week, with each meeting focusing on a different area of the county. Monday’s meeting will focus on Pawleys Island and Litchfield, Tuesday’s meeting will focus on Murrells Inlet and Thursday’s meeting will focus on areas surrounding the City of Georgetown and the more rural areas.

Broach says affordable housing is one of the aspects of growth and development that the county is hoping to discuss further, because right now there is limited affordable housing, and changing that could be good for everyone.

Broach also says there will be discussion at each meeting about focusing development in the more rural areas to fit the influx of people in Georgetown County.

“The time to really have your say about that is now before these businesses are coming in and asking for permits and such. Go ahead and make your voice heard now before it becomes an issue.”

All meetings will run from 4-6:30 p.m. at the Howard Center, 1610 Hawkins St., Georgetown.

Public comments can be made during the meeting, or before. And the county will also be taking public comment until November 6th.

Comments can be submitted online by clicking here.

Land use element materials may be viewed by clicking here.

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